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A Traveling Scotsman

Today I went to see Frazer Hines’ “A Traveling Scotsman” show, which was really great and funny and generally exciting. Topics discussed included:

  • When asked about the 50th, Frazer said he hadn’t been asked (though he’d love to and Steven knows he’d love to), but he’d head that anyone asked had been sworn to secrecy. idk if that means he knows people have been asked, or just rumours….
  • The introductory powerpoint started with “Jamie McCrimmon is….” “A thinker” (lots of clips of Jamie thinking), “A man of action,” etc. It also had “A lover.” Brief moment of ‘ooh, terrible!’ but it was all clips of Jamie and the girls hugging..
  • Favourite story and most like to be discovered: Highlanders
  • Least favourite: Krotons (Croutons), because it replaced Prison in Space.
  • At the Five Doctors rehearsal, Frazer entered the room and was literally jumped on by Pat Troughton and Wendy Padbury, and they ended up rolling around laughing on the floor, while the other doctors and their companions sort of looked on like, “you’d never do that to me, would you?”
  • Popping Zoe’s bubble wrap costume from the Five Doctors
  • lots and lots of stories involving underwear. The three or so (Jamie, the scientist guy using them to mop his brow and a dalek) incidences of “These are Miss Waterfield’s. I’d know them anywhere.” Also once when they did that but said “Miss Watling’s,” on a story which happened to be the one her father was in, too which he rather protectively responded “How do you two know about those?” Also a story at rehearsals in a church hall, when Pat and Frazer -“We were telepathic by that point”- were sitting either side of Wendy Padbury and each unbuckled a buckle, one on either side of her skirt, so that when she stood it fell of. They grabbed it, threw it, then the vicar came in. which is just awful……
  • Compared the old cyberman favourably to the new ones, as they had rubber boots and could sneak up on you, instead of clomping their way in.
  • The Two Doctors saw Colin trying to one-up Frazer with pranks. One time Colin payed the prop man to really tie Frazer on the table in the kitchen, with the intention of then flipping his kilt up. However, when the moment for the big reveal arrived, Frazer lept and shouted “Haha, I payed the prop man double!” The other thing Colin tried to do was find out Frazer’s age and he thought he finally would at customs on the way to England. So Colin pushed in front of Frazer in the passport line, then darted around behind the customs man to try see the birthdate on the passport. But the man didn’t do as he had done for the others, didn’t look in it. So Colin accused Frazer of bribing that guy too!
  • The one time Frazer saw Pat lose his temper was also during the Two Doctors, when he and Colin kept typing Pat out of the wheelchair. He turned around and told Frazer that they were supposed to be on a gang together against the others.
  • It was Frazer’s idea for Jamie to try kiss Anita (again in the Two Doctors), then Peter Moffat -“Great director” according to Frazer- suggested that he kiss Peri.
  • Apparently not going to be a Jamie action figure at the moment, though Frazer said that if the company doesn’t he’ll get them made.
  • In one of the Seeds stories, he and Pat had to do elevator acting, and Frazer suggested that they do that little judder/mini-squat/bend to show the stopping motion at the end. So they were just trying to do this all the time and just collapsing into laughter, with Pat cursing Frazer and his ideas.
  • When asked what scenes he would like to do again, Frazer suggested all the ones involving Jamie kissing someone, and then said that any where he could act with Patrick Troughton again would be the best.

So many great stories, many that I haven’t mentioned here because they are probably repeats for many people, but it was a joy to spend an afternoon with this funny, dancing, imitating, sound effect creating man.