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morgeil replied to your post “They don’t even come back with tea they make pineapple cocktails or…”

I guess Turlough decided to bring them the Trion version of tea instead?


Imagine the first time he asks for tea on Earth and gets really confused

And he makes/talks about tea so much in the audios (and in a few serials I think??) this is hilarious

This just makes his tea comment in “The Awakening” way more amusing than it should be.

"I rather like that brown colored tea they drink here. Or at least, I do now that I got used to it being brown. WHY THE FUCK IS IT BROWN?!”

I think in Rat Trap he makes tea and drops it all over the floor now I’m imaging him dropping an entire fruit platter and pineapple cocktails and vanilla ice cream

Seriously the Doctor asks them to make tea and that’s what they come back with???


It’s Tegan and Turlough. What do you want to bet they both got pissed at being sent away and decided to bring back fancy cocktails instead.

Because screw you, Doctor, you don’t tell us what to do.

I wish we could have seen Five’s reaction though

"So you brought the… oh, um, sorry it seems my companions don’t know what tea is"




I hope you weren’t expecting happy feelings today


Those first two gifs kill me even worse than Tegan crying (and Tegan crying makes my chest HURT). Because Adric’s clinging to Varsh’s belt so tightly it has to hurt. He knows he failed, and the Doctor’s not going to come for him. If the Doctor was coming, he’d be there by now. He feels like he screwed up so bad that the Doctor won’t come for him.

And poor Tegan… she’s remembering that odd little smile he gave her on the freighter, when he said “I’ll see you soon.” She will spend the rest of her life wondering if he knew and told her that so she wouldn’t worry. It’ll haunt her for the rest of her life, she’ll wake up crying sometimes because she saw that smile in her dreams, and she’ll never be able to explain why it hurts so much because she ran away from the only person who’d understand.

Nyssa’s fighting back tears. She’s lost her father to the Master, her entire world to entropy, and this hurts just as much as those losses do because Adric was part of the only family she had left. And still, her first thought is to comfort Tegan and stay strong for the Doctor. She can’t let herself cry, even though she wants nothing more. She’s a noble of Traken and that means putting herself aside.

And the Doctor… Oh, the Doctor. He and Adric hadn’t gotten along very well since he’d regenerated, but at the thought of Adric wanting to leave at the beginning of the story set him off because he didn’t want him to go. He cares so much, and he doesn’t know how to show it any more. But finally, finally it looked like they’d reached a point where they could be friends again… And it’ll never happen. That brave, inquisitive, brilliant boy who managed to stow away, who suffered at the Master’s hands for him, who did what he couldn’t and calculated a safe path through the CVE to E-Space, is gone. And he can’t save him. The Doctor, who always finds a way to seize victory at the last moment, has failed. He wll never forgive himself.

"Some left me. Some got left behind. And some, not many but, some died."

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I hope every time we see osgood she’s wearing different Doctor related clothing

We’ve had scarf and look like we are getting converse and bowtie. I’m waiting on celery and cat badge




Doctor Who — Battlefield (1989) / The Wedding of River Song (2011)

fuck youuuuuuuuuu

this actually made me cry a little


Okay. I can’t, I really can’t anymore with them….I seriously love them more and more each day


Okay. I can’t, I really can’t anymore with them….I seriously love them more and more each day

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